The first recorded killing with a police Taser in Britain


Mrs Begley, 48-year-old, called the Police after Jordon began rowing with neighbors, who accused him of stealing money. One of the neighbors told them that he called five men over to beat up Jordon Begley. Believing her son was in danger the now grieving mother dialed 999 in the hope that police would be able to come in time and help them. She even mentioned on the phone that her son went into their kitchen and grabbed a vegetable knife in order to have something to defend with.

Police response was quick according to Mrs Begley: “I was still on the phone when we heard police sirens. Jordon threw the knife down and we walked out to the garden.” For yet still unknown reasons a nine-second Taser was shot at Jordon’s chest. This happened although his mother warned one of the police officers that six weeks beforehand her son had had tests on his heart. The 23-year-old was put face-down on the floor and handcuffed after being tasered. As police learned the man was not responding they rushed him to the hospital. When his mother arrived there she was informed of her son’s death.

According to a jury police officers were “more concerned about their own welfare” than Jordon’s. But according to analysis the initial Taser shock did not cause his heart to stop. Jordon’s cannabis use and alcoholism reportedly contributed to his poor state of health at the time of his death, the inquest heard.


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