Discriminatory practices of overcharging visitors at Disneyland Paris to be analyzed by the European Commission


“But what is contrary to article 20 of the services directive is not to allow consumers to go on other websites or physically to other markets to access to these services,” she also specified. In fact, to be more specific, at this time if French customers buy a premium package to Disneyland Paris for around €1,300 euros; the same package costs over €1,800 euros in the UK and almost €2,500 euros in . In the attempt of an official European decision to be imposed, Disneyland Paris motivated that any price differential was due to anti- measures that limit certain promotions to customers whose credit or debit cards are registered to a particular country.  The complaints against Disneyland Paris had been issued by individuals and organizations for consumers protection. Euro Disney received the last year 14.2 million visitors.


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