Bullied teacher wins £1.5MILLION payout after 11-year battle


After she wan her tribunal she resumed her job but to her nightmare the bullying continued and after some time she lost her job. Things were about to change for the dedicated teacher. She had an appeal earlier this year and nobody from the school and local council would have even guessed what figure would the teacher get in court. As the head of the Employment Appeal Tribunal said: ‘The astonishing tale… reflected very little credit on the local authority or the management of the school.’

The tribunal ruled that her complaints were not adequately investigated by school governors or Durham County Council officials. Karen Hall was awarded £1,371,049 for loss of earnings and pension and was later reassessed at £1.5million. The 43-year-old teacher, who has spent £230,000 defending herself, explained during an interview that: ‘This relentless nightmare very nearly destroyed me.’


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