Redhead appearance and having a pale complexion produced trouble on the airport for a young girl and her Scottish family


But the airport’s staff sent her to a medical control before to be allowed to fly. Even if the paramedic approved her, a doctor’s letter to confirm that Grace was well enough for the trip to Abu Dhabi was asked to be obtained from the family’s practitioner. Finally they were allowed to board and arrived in Maldives. Not without another unpleasant incident, however: Etihad Airways lost both parents’ luggage and couldn’t deliver them for 3 days.

A statement was issued, saying:  “Staff were concerned about the wellbeing of a young passenger ahead of a lengthy flight. The team called for a medic who examined the child and requested a ‘fit to fly’ letter from a doctor, allowing the family to board. Our team on the ground continued to provide support ahead of the flight. Unfortunately, when the family arrived, some of their baggage was missing. The airline apologized and took all measures to find and deliver the baggage to the Wain family as soon as possible. Compensation in line with standard guidelines will be provided.” But can they compensate the negative emotions before the dreamed trip of this family ?


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