Lotto winners found out about their fortune only when they returned from vacation


The two later admitted that while they had their nice beach holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt they also wondered what if they won the lottery. Only after returning to their former council house in Tamworth, Staffordshire, they found they’d won £5.8m jackpot. And this didn’t even happen right away. Before Mrs Bosworth could log on to her personal lottery account she first put the holiday wash on and emptied her suitcase.

Dawn Bosworth, who is a factory worker, had to go to her work-shift from from 2pm until 10pm. This is why she wanted to check on the lottery results before going to work. The mother of four and her husband were very happy to find out they won. They celebrated with champagne. When reporters asked them what they make of all this Mrs Bosworth had the following to say: “I can’t believe we were sunbathing, swimming, and basically enjoying ourselves, dreaming of being millionaires, when we were actually sitting on a multi-million-pound fortune.”


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