Essex driver caught speeding avoids ban because he is in debt


As a result, magistrates handed him 42 points on his driving licence. Alex McFarlane, who is a construction site manager from Basildon, failed to respond to each sent penalty notice. According to Essex Police when he was finally brought in court he pleaded not guilty to all offences but later on changed his plea to guilty at Southend Magistrates’ Court.

As any other driver he normally faced the prospect of a six-month disqualification if he received just 12 penalty points on his driving licence within three years. Magistrates awarded six points for each offence, totalling 42 points on his license. remarkably managed to escape a driving ban because he’s in debt. The construction worker remarkably managed to escape a driving ban after he explained that without a driving license he would lose his job and thus he will be unable to pay his debts. The court which was informed that since the incidents McFarlane received special treatment after suffering a nervous breakdown, let the man go with just a warning and with an order to pay his fines and legal costs totalling £1,070.


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