Big protests in Paris against Uber services


They  overturned cars and burned tires. Finally they obtained the support of France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve who ordered Paris police to issue a decree banning the activity of UberPOP, which uses unlicensed drivers in private cars to undercut existing taxi. UberPOP is the European equivalent of UberX. Uber is also accused  to fail pay social and tax fees in France. Cabbies  attacked Uber drivers, burning and breaking their cars. A cabbie was throwing projectiles toward the police was arrested.. Similar protests took place in Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon and Lille. UberPOP was also banned in some European areas, as Brussels and the Netherlands. Taxi union declined  to have a meeting, Friday, with the government representatives. An Uber spokesperson appreciated that “(…) whatever the anger, violence is never acceptable. Uber wishes to underline the fact that no French court of justice has declared UberPOP illegal.”


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