36-year-old woman starting jail sentence after originally having it suspended


Their illicit relationship was discovered by the boy’s mother who grew more and more suspicious in regards to the boy’s secretive behavior. The woman was regularly contacting the teenager on his mobile phone and through Facebook and Twitter. The worried mother confiscated the boy’s phone and took his SIM card away but the woman just bought him another one. In a sign of desperation the mother chose to recorded one of their phone conversations as her boy wasn’t telling her what was happening. This is how she found out about everything. Her boy was given alcohol to drink and was asked to give the woman massages before the two had sex. The teenager eventually confessed everything to the Police.

The woman who got her initial suspended after the judge described what happened to have been caused by a moment of madness has had her reconsidered. She was now given a two-and-a half year jail term by judges sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, who said the initial was ‘unduly lenient. The given conclusion explained that very troubling elements of sexually-charged conduct of the offender before and after the sexual activity took place “have had a profound effect on the boy himself. As this court has repeatedly made clear, the protection of children is the paramount consideration in cases of this kind.”


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