A French man suffered incredible domestic violence


They met in 2007 on the Internet and seven months later moved into a Parisian studio where Medkour lived with her two children. But at this moment Medkour stole Gaget’s identity papers and credit cards, forced him to sleep on the floor near the front door and prevented him from accessing the toilet. Do you know what she imagined to torture him ? For over a year he suffered beatings, insults, she burned him with cigarettes or a white-hot knife, threw salt into his eyes and blocked his contact with the outside world. When this story was exposed in court, some hard evidences were found: Zakia Medkour suffers from a bi-polar mental disorder; her father committed suicide when she was a child, she grew up in children’s homes and became an alcoholic. As part of the , now, she was obliged to undergo psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation for her alcoholism. In February, Maxime Gaget published a book about his experiences called “My Girlfriend. My Torturer.”


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