Ireland decides by national referendum if approves the gay marriage


If the result will be positive, a change will be made in Ireland’s constitution saying that people are entitled to marry regardless of their sex. “I believe that civil partnerships give gay people clear civil rights and recognition as people committed to one another, and I fully endorse this. However, I do not think this requires the redefinition of marriage to uphold it, and I do not believe marriage should be redefined” Pat Storey, Ireland’s first female bishop, wrote in a letter to her clergy this week, justifying her ‘No’ vote. Just three years ago, former Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore of the left-leaning Labour Party described same-sex marriage as “quite simply, the civil rights issue of this generation.” In Europe, same-sex weddings are legal in more than a dozen countries, including Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway. However, homosexual behavior in itself remains a crime punishable by death in five countries and in parts of two others, in the world and in 70 others it still carries hefty prison terms.


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