Vienna is preparing for the International Song Contest “Eurovision-2015”


More specifically, male or female gay couples with hearts, in red for stop and green for go, replaced temporarily the usual single, gender-neutral figure on traffic lights in 49 intersections.

Eurovision is enormously popular among gay communities across Europe and more, transgender artist Conchita Wurst, Austrian bearded, won at last year’s event. The change of traffic lights aspect is at the same time linked on “reducing the number of traffic accidents in the city”, official says, presuming that drivers will have to perceive more attentively the signs. They argued that a total of 22 children were injured at pedestrian crossings in the city last year “often as a result of inattention.”

On the other side, preparations are at the full speed at Wiener Stadthalle which is dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Highest safety precautions are taken to ensure the event at the end of May is to go without any problems.As an example, everything that is placed on the ground was and will be examined by the sniffer dogs. “We have indeed own X-ray devices like at the airport and any other event,” Herbert Wagner, the security operations manager, said to the media. “International Song Contest “Eurovision-2015” will be held in Vienna (Austria) from the 19th to 23rd of May. As of Monday, May 11, transsexual performer’s voice Conchita Wurst can be heard presenting short messages in German, English and French every half hour on five subway lines in Vienna. ‘Love is like the subway in Vienna, everywhere’ one of those messages says.


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