Chernobyl, a strange attraction after 30 years since the tragic nuclear accident


In the months following the accident, a sarcophagus was built to cover Reactor 4 and contain the radioactive material. Efforts to contain the spread of radioactive particles continue to the present day. The effects of the nuclear accident on wildlife including higher rates of tumors and albinism in the local bird population continue to be recorded. Tourists want to access Prypiat, a city frozen in time, a place preserving traces of life in the former USSR. Visits are governed by security checks and by strictly guided tours. Visitors travel to the site, a two-hour drive north of Ukrainian capital Kiev, by tour bus. Many interdictions are imposed: they sign a disclaimer warning against touching any objects or vegetation, or even sitting on the ground; their radiation level is measured before leaving area and eventually special decontamination measures are applied. Nobody can however eliminate the risk for their health in the future but they assume and want this.


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