TV5Monde’s station, website and social media accounts were hacked by Islamic State


The TV network  was forced to broadcast only pre-recorded programs Thursday. On TV5Monde’s Facebook site the posted the message: “The Cyber Caliphate continues its cyberjihad against the enemies of Islamic State.” Even TV5Monde’s social media profile pictures were replaced with a masked Islamist fighter. TV5Monde’s programs are broadcasted in more than 200 countries worldwide. As TV5Monde’s boss Yves Bigot told to the media, this attack was “unprecedented in the history of television.” TV5Monde regained control of its social networks by 2:00 am Thursday. Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the hack was an “unacceptable attack on the freedom of information and expression”. Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin were involved in actions to prevent such further attacks. France is part of a US-led military coalition carrying out air strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.


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