The remains of Miguel de Cervantes found in Madrid, Spain


Cervantes was not only the author of “Don Quixote” but at the same time a war veteran (he was shot and wounded in 1571 at Battle of Lepanto).Cervantes died at 68. His end was that of a poor man. “The remains are in a bad state of conservation and do not allow us to do an individual identification of Miguel de Cervantes,” said forensic scientist Almudena Garcia Rubio. But it is supposed DNA analysis will be used for more accuracy. Even discovered now, the remains of Cervantes will be reburied in the same convent  because “Cervantes asked to be buried there and there he should stay,” said Luis Avial, member of the researcher’s team. But a new tomb will be built and full honors will be given by Spain to the father of the modern novel.


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