Vladimir Putin proved to be healthy and relaxed in a public appearance Monday


Hashtags such as #Putindead and #putinmissing in the social media communication valued nothing. The truth was contained in his spokesman’s words who was saying the president was healthy and that his handshake “can break a hand” but many people not believed. What is to be considered about this little story is, first, the fact  that the Russian system requires propaganda and image control in the old-fashioned style of a personality cult. Second, with his good or bad behavior, Putin IS a personality. His public presence IS IMPORTANT for the actual momentum because there are important facts and decisions linked to the Russian President. It’s not very clear about percentages but in what concerns love and hate, Putin receives the both at the same time. So, when the Kremlin spokesman said “I am going to ask people who have money to organize a contest on the best media rumor,” it was probably included not only a little joke. Sometimes, big politicians acting on the global world scene need to to a test.


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