A female candidate naked on electoral poster in Spain


She is  a member of the right-wing Party for Freedom – Clean Hands. She claims that her party is ‘directly involved in the cleaning up of Spanish politics.’ It’s known that ‘Clean Hands’ launched already a lawsuit against Princess Cristina who is the sister of now-King Felipe. Even the nude poster of Morin is something different, the “solution” was previously used in Spain in 2006 when Albert Rivera launched his new Ciudadanos – or Citizens party – by releasing similar posters. Portugalete is part of Bilbao’s metropolitan area. Monuments in Portugalete include the 15th century Basílica of Santa María, Salazar’s Tower, and the town hall in addition to the old mediaeval arches and streets in the older part of the city. The town is also known for organizing the San Roque Festivals.


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