Woman scared after horrific late-night ‘racist’ attack in McDonalds restaurant


Unfortunately these are the only details witnesses were able to provide. None could remember details such as how the attackers looked like.

The victim and the witnesses were horrified by what happened. Alicia Carter was among the people who saw the whole thing. After the attack she wrote the following to her Facebook friends: ‘Poor girl. I was working and tried to get her Facebook to keep her updated as to what McDonald’s were doing with it. Such a f****** vile human being. Promise I’ll do all I can to find the culprit and get justice however she wishes it to be!’

Andrew Harris, another witness, wrote: ‘Being there at the time it happened it was horrific. I do hope the person who did it is put forward, as well as his scum bag friend who recorded it on their phone…’ Kent Police is asking anyone with information about the attack to contact them on 101 quoting crime reference ZY/5093/15.


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