Shots fired at police vehicles in a suburb of Marseilles


Bullets narrowly missed their vehicle. There have been no reports of any injuries. Security officials were checking that the area was safe before the prime minister’s visit. The gunmen are thought to have been targeting Pierre-Marie Bourniquel, the local police chief who was due to meet Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister, later today. Marseilles officials attributed this incident on drug traffickers. “This battle against drug trafficking is a long-term battle,” Deputy Mayor Caroline Pozmentier said on Monday. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls had not yet arrived in Marseilles before the , and there were ‘no plans to cancel his visit’, a source said. The shootings have resulted in 7,000 people in the Castellane area of the city being told to stay inside. Armored vehicles are also in the area. Witnesses say riot police are blocking off access to the housing estate as they continue to search for the gunmen.


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