If approved in Parliament this week, some babies in the UK will have two biologic mothers


However some religious leaders as those of Catholic and Anglican Church and some ethics groups do not want to accept this. Another opposition motivation is linked to the extension of genetic manipulation which theoretically for the instant could lead to the creation of designer babies whose eye color, height, or intelligence is tailored to the parent’s wishes. The scientific community itself is divided. Preventing debilitating conditions like muscular dystrophy is an important goal. But every child will have two biologic mothers. Statistically, a number of around 2,500 women could benefit from mitochondrial donation in Britain. Sustaining the revolutionary technique, Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England ,said: “The intention in making these regulations is to ensure that mothers who carry faulty mitochondria can have healthy children free from devastating and often deadly conditions caused by serious mitochondrial disease.


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