Ukip leader points at doctors who can’t speak good English


Farage is so worried that he called for a ban asking that doctors who can’t speak good English to be banned from being hired by the National Health Service. In the UK a lot of doctors and nurses. But since two years ago the General Medical Council required new checks to be performed on the language skills of the medical staff. All NHS doctors must pass a language test. Farage seemed to be unaware about this fact when he made his first major announcement regarding this topic. But he was indeed right about something. In the month of July of last year out of the doctors GMC sanctioned, 43 percent were from overseas despite the fact that they took and passed the language test.

In the next upcoming months senior representatives of the UK Independence Party will hold speeches in which new policies will be presented. Nigel Farage revealed this as he explains that he doesn’t want anyone to think that Ukip is not a one-man band obsessed with Europe and with immigration.


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