Putin wants an affordable vodka even if the Russian’s economy is not in its best stage


Russia’s economy was battered by low oil prices and Western sanctions. Many Russian companies have been locked out of Western capital markets. “The hardships we are facing are not only external, they are caused not only by the sanctions restrictions or by restrictions linked with the objective international situation, they are also caused by our mistakes that have been made over the years,” Putin said. Stabilizing the ruble is one of the main tasks. It traded at 52 rubles per US dollar on Thursday and the Russian Central Bank announced on the same day that the country’s currency reserve has dropped below $400 billion for the first time since August 2009. It is, however, a good news for the Russian citizens: Russian President ordered his government to rein in rising vodka prices. Apparently, this is for preventing the production of bootleg spirits but it is a common fact that vodka is a very popular and in demand product in Russia, important for its people. Putin is already known  for promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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