European Parliament is preparing to take decision about Google’s practices in the region


The move is aimed at reducing the search giant’s search and advertising monopoly in the 28 member state bloc. A vote to effectively single out a big US company for censure is extremely rare in the European parliament. A decision is expected to be voted next week but a such proposal can’t be effective without pressure from antitrust regulators. They are already investigating for more than three years now.

The most critical accusation against ’s practices is that uses its search dominance to squeeze out search results that would guide people to potential competitors. Between European’s countries, is the most decided to obtain a strong decision against since Günther Oettinger was nominated to be the EU’s digital commissioner. Its justice minister called on the company to publish exactly how it ranks search results. Even the draft motion does not mention any specific search engines Google is by far the dominant search provider in Europe. After all, Google declined to comment.


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