A man and his wife, in England, became inseparable even passing away


Harry and Mavis Stevenson met at the Asterdale social club when they were 16, before Harry joined the Royal Marines in 1943. Harris was on the battle on the beach at Normandy on D-Day. Later he was transferred to the Far East to fight the Japanese. They married after his return in England and their entire life was a romance. They neber had children. Later, on the last years, Mavis had fallen ill but even in such circumstances, living at the House Care Home in Derby, they spent a lot of time together. One day, earlier this month, Mavis passed away. She died just 48 hours after her 89th birthday.The nurses told Harry that she had died. He than died after ten minutes following his wife. People who know their story, including their relatives, believe and say that they were, for real, „soulmates.“ „I can imagine them being together now, after their death, side by side,” the couple’s nephew Stephen Cresswell, 63, told to the media.


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