Mysterious “big cat“ is still searched around Paris, supposed to be dangerous


Last time the animal was spotted again Friday morning by truckers on a main route between Paris and eastern France. It was supposed to be a tiger but considering animal’s tracks now this is supposed to be something else. French authorities also admitted on Friday that they still did not know exactly what it is. Eric Hansen of the national agency for hunting and wild fauna said the animal in question was more likely a lynx and or even just a large domestic cat of 10 kilograms. However the nearest known lynx habitat, the Vosges Mountains, is 350 kilometers (215 miles) away. Without any doubts there is a feline in this story. Authorities had warned residents of Montevrain and two other towns to stay indoors. A helicopter buzzed over woods east of Paris and a dozen police vehicles lined a grassy area where the feline was spotted early Friday.


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