Young girl killed by a cannibal man in Wales, England


She was murdered by Matthew Williams, 34-year-old, who was known by the nickname Fifi and have been recently released from prison for a violent attack on a former partner. Really shocking in this story was the fact that the killer was engaged in an act of cannibalism when police arrived at the scene. He was eating woman’s face and one of her eyes. He was tasered by police formally being arrested and later died at the scene. Apparently, Ms Yemm met Williams in a bar. People had a good impression about Cerys. “She was a lovely girl; smart, attractive and brought up by a very good family who she was extremely close to” one of her friends described her. After the shocking fatal incident, Williams’ family expressed to be “devastated by the death of an innocent young lady”. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been called in to oversee the inquiry because a taser was used.


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