A man died in France after participating at a drinking competition in Clermond-Ferrand


He was falling into a coma and suffered a heart attack and he died the next day. Police is investigating now the case. “My father died by his own hand but it was the bar that served him the drinks, “his daughter, 21-year-old, said to the media. She is waiting for the results of an autopsy and is preparing to sue the bar. According to the French police, the manager could be charged with “not assisting a person in danger.” Legally, bar has the obligation to stop serving people that are obviously drinking too much.

Even alcohol effects are known, drinking competitions are organized all around the world and some international games ttake drinking to the next level. Germans as example, have a national drinking game; Russian people have “Tiger has come” game and drink vodka; “Ping, Pong, Pang” is a drinking game in ; even Australians love to drink in a sort of game named “Goon of Fortune. However, every person must know his limits and the risks.


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