Major protests in Budapest against the plan to introduce the world’s first internet tax


“The internet tax threatens the further growth of the internet as well as freedom of information,” said  Internet entrepreneur Zsolt Varady, one of those companies representative. “Digital Iron Curtain”was included in the 2015 tax code submitted to the country’s parliament last week. The proposed level of the tax is 150 forint tax (70 cents) per gigabyte of data transferred, with a monthly maximum of  700 forint for private users and 5000 forint for businesses. “It is part of a pattern of actions which have limited freedoms or sought to take rents without achieving a wider economic or social interest,” said Ryan Heath, spokesman for Neelie Kroes, the EU’s outgoing digital commissioner. This expressed the general reaction related to this problem.

Mr Orban is already accused of restricting freedom of the press and judiciary by increasing state control. Big protests are planned for the next week again.


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