Spanish authorities euthanized the dog which was in contact with Ebola patient


More precisely, she might have touched her face with her gloves while she was taking off her protective equipment. Six others, including Teresa’s husband, are now in quarantine at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital. A discussion about lack of preparation in facing Ebola is ongoing in Spanish health system. A strange situation occurred at the Alcorcón hospital where Teresa Romero Ramos was first investigated. Cleaning staff have refused to clean the area where the Ebola infected patient where motivating they don’t have the right equipment or training to deal with the cleanup.

On other side, the authorities euthanized and incinerated the family Romero dog Excalibur ignoring protesters. Regarding this subject, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization, Stephanie Brickman, answered in an email: “We can’t say with absolute certainty that a dog could never pass Ebola to a human but there is no evidence that they have played a role in outbreaks.”


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