Belgian teen spends $46000 while playing a free-to-play game


A 15-year-old teenager from Belgium ended up spending over $46000 while playing the popular strategy game Game of War: Fire Age. The money which is now in the bank accounts of the game publishers was not his money to spend. This was all made possible when the mother’s boy gave the grandfather’s credit card detail information to the little boy to help her set up these details on her own tablet. Little did she know that the boy would also link the card to his own iTunes account.

The boy played his favorite game and began buying in-game gold. After doing a little math it resulted that the teenager ended up buying around 9,200,000 gold pieces. As packs of 20000 gold sell for $100. In the past few years many kids did terrible things to their relatives credit cards while playing these sort of games. However, in this particular case the boy was smart enough to link the credit card details on his own so it comes hard to believe that he didn’t knew he was spending real money. Also, nowadays applications which can take money from your credit card are clearly labelled. Extra measures are already in place as these were took in the past by both Apple and who ended up paying over $30 million respectively $19 million in case of trials involving damages caused by in-app purchases.

There are even games like Tapped Out (with your favorite Simpsons characters) which make out of this situation a humorous one. In one of their intro videos they joke about this. If you are one of those worried parents best thing to do is to put a restriction on In-App Purchases. For iOs devices this can easily be done from Settings->General. Under Restrictions one can set a passcode for in application purchases.


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