Two-year-old boy rushed to hospital after plunging from balcony at Hilton Hotel


The baby boy remains in a “serious condition”. Hotel staff as well as police officers are supporting the family during this difficult time.

Nearby eyewitness described how the shocking event looked from the point of view of a passer-by: “A small crowd was gathering outside and whatever had happened looked serious because there were so many paramedics and police cars. It was hard to tell what was going on but more paramedics arrived and traffic was very briefly held up as they had to get onto the busy hotel car park.”

A spokesman for the Hilton Hotel chain declared the following: “We can confirm that an incident occurred at Hilton Liverpool whereby a child was injured on the hotel premises.” Furthermore he continued: “Our primary concern is the child’s well-being and we continue to offer our full support”.

Police launched an investigation to find out how it was possible that child who was taken to hospital for treatment fell down the balcony.


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