Worried voters reported missing Scottish independence referendum polling cards


 The Hundreds of missing polling cards have made many people suspicious. Some residents even claim that the numbers of the missing polling cards are much higher and that authorities are covering everything up.

In Strathaven there are entire streets which have not received the polling cards. Every single vote could still be crucial at this point and this is why the “unaccounted for” polling cards created fears that fraudsters might be behind this.

Irene O’Neil is one of the worried residents. When questioned she had the following to say: “We know the numbers are much higher. There’s been a fundamental failure and the disappearance of so many is highly suspicious. Anyone with our polling cards could vote in our names and we can’t do anything to stop it.”

Via social media channels authorities found out that while some people did not receive their polling cards there were other people that received two cards instead of one. What makes this situation worst is the fact that children from East Ayrshire as young as three years old were found to show as registered voters and thus received polling cards.

With all this worrying news the Royal Mail spokesman cared to re-ensure everybody that these are isolated cases and that the “vast majority of our 261,000 registered voters have received their” polling cards. As far as the reported non-delivery incidents go the company takes the complaints very seriously and are now doing their own internal investigation too.


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