Women bishops allowed now in the Church of England


The historic measure had the support of the Prime Minister David Cameron. He appreciated the vote as a “great day for the Church and for equality”. Some of the members of Synod changed their previously revealed option. The motion needed a two-thirds majority in all three houses of the synod and it was obtained. The ordination of women was first allowed 20 years ago and now  women form a third of the Church of England’s priesthood. “Today marks the start of a great adventure of seeking mutual flourishing while still, in some cases disagreeing” said the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. He is also expecting that the next Archbishop of Canterbury or York could be a woman. Jane Bisson, a Synod member for Winchester, predicted however a split in the church if women bishops are approved. She said: “For good reasons Jesus did not have any male apostles – he did have women prophets, women praying but not women apostles.”


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