Big amount of heroin captured in Greece


A half of the quantity, exactly 986.6 kg of heroin, had been shipped to Greece from Togo, West Africa, and transported by the tanker ‘Noor One’. The tanker received the drugs in international waters between Oman and Pakistan in early May. Drug’s detection was not easy and not even by the service’s special dogs. A massive arrest was made in Koropi, at 40 km from the Greek capital, where the sacks of heroin had been deposited in a warehouse. Fourteen people were arrested in the incident, among them 10 crew members. The suspects were identified as six Greeks and more foreign nationals including people from India. A Greek company was also involved and its heads were detained. The final destination of the captured heroin was the markets around Europe. The drug should be distributed by International transport truck. The raid was carried out in coordination with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, as the Greek coastguard said in a statement.


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