Corruption was at the hottest level in Ukraine, its actual officials confirm


According to the actual official, the center of operations for a network of fictive , phantom companies, about 1,700 , involved in the algorithm of this mega , was in a secret chamber on an upper story of the Tax Ministry in Kiev. Inside this chamber, practically a soundproof vault, are a clear plastic table and chairs, used to avoid and control any tentative to do a record on the environment. It’s supposed that in this place the secret details were discussed. Oleksandr Klymenko, denies the claims. “A lot of false information that discredit my honor and reputation is spread by the media,” he said. There is, however, an evidence: Ukraine arrived in a  big financial trouble with the direct participation of its old leaders. Even foreign experts confirm what was discovered now. “Basically, whatever field you are touching, it was corrupt in the territory of Ukraine”, concluded Anna Derevyanko, the director of the Kiev-based European Business Association. Ukraine ranks 144th out of 177 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index . The mission of the actual Ukrainian government is to help the country restart development changing the malefic rules of the past.


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