Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 88th birthday


Elizabeth’s birthday is celebrated twice a year: A public ceremony in June marks the occasion with a parade in London. Now, she spentg only a private birthday at her second home in Windsor Castle.
was crowned head of state when she was just 25 years old – after the death of her father, George IV, in 1952. Before this, in 1947, she married Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark. The couple had four children.
During a period of great change in Britain, successfully carried her political duties. The Queen introduced numerous reforms to the monarchy. As an example, now, the eldest child can succeed to the throne, regardless of gender.
She is one of Britain’s longest serving monarchs The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was in 2012 and was marked by celebrations across the country.
A portrait of Queen Elizabeth by renowned British photographer David Bailey, in white and black, was unveiled today to mark the monarch’s 88th birthday.


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