Ukraine’s problems not yet finished


“… We don’t need to approve laws about amnesty. We guarantee there will be no criminal prosecutions of people who put down their weapons and leave the buildings. And I am prepared to formalize it with a presidential decree,” Turchynov told parliament. The alternative to its proposal is the use of the force against the protesters. If Ukraine confronted the last days with such problems at the interior, the presence of the Russian’forces near its border is a pressure element.
Based on classified and commercial satellite imagery the United States estimates there are up to 40,000 Russian troops near the Ukraine’s border and they are ready for combat. On the other part, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that the troupes are on military exercises. “Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not conduct unusual or unplanned activities which are militarily significant on its territory near the border with Ukraine,” he said.
In a speech in Paris on Tuesday, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, head of NATO, demanded that Russia pull back the tens of thousands of troops amassed on Ukraine’s border. The alliance says Moscow is using the troops to maintain pressure on the Kiev government, and preparing for possible invasion. The contradictory declarations continued and probably will do the same until a major change in the region will occur.


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