The European Parliament voted for net neutrality


Even if the rules would not go into effect right away because  it now moves to the Council of Ministers, the European Union clearly voted even ahead of the United States in favor of robust rules that would promote more equal access to the Internet. Net neutrality is the idea that all data on the Internet has to be treated the same way, equally, without regard for other factors such as the platform, application or user. The adopted rules allow blocking on slowdown of service  only in base of a court order, to preserve network security  or to prevent temporary network congestion. EU net neutrality rules have been prepared during the last year. The principle considered as support for the proposed concept is derived from the spirit of the Internet : to be owned by no one and everyone. Economic interests determine different opinions to be sustained. Before the EU vote on Thursday, four big telecommunications industry associations released a joint statement  emphasizing the “restrictive” nature of the proposed amendments. But we all want to be able to see the same content on the web, without restriction or interference, and it’s supposed that this request will impose.


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