Drastic antipollution measures in the capital of France


Around 700 police officers had the mission to stop a half of the cars; on Monday, all cars with plates ending in odd numbers were out on the streets. To help people to go to their jobs, the public transport has been free since Friday. The parking in the capital was free Monday for the cars banned from the circulation. The interdiction for circulation will continue alternatively, based on the registration’s cars numbers, in the days to come. A fine of 22 Euros was planned for those who will force the new circulation rule in Paris. The only accepted exceptions are the non polluting electric and hybrid cars. Similar measures had good result in 2007, declared the Ecology Minister Phillippe Martin. The situation is flammable now in France before less than a week to municipal elections, considering that the measure with public free transport costs about 2.5 million Euros a day. The commentators had compared the actual addressing of the pollution problem in the capital of France to “political football.”


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