The referendum in Crimea contested by the US and EU


But the American administration took position saying that this referendum would never be recognized by the international community , supposing that it was organized “under threats of violence and intimidation.” The President Obama announced additional costs imposed to Russia by the United States and its European partners.
“The United Stated has steadfastly supported the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine since it declared its independence in 1991” said the White House Sunday in a statement from the Office of the Press Secretary. More specifically, Secretary of State John Kerry called on Moscow to return its troops in Crimea to their bases and to pull back its forces from the Ukraine border. Kerry also expressed “strong concerns” about the continuing military provocations of Moscow in Ukraine. The chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ed Royce, associated the referendum for Crimea separation to the Soviet era.
Some important decisions about sanctions against Russia are expected to be adopted Monday by the EU foreign ministers. A real cost to the Russian economy will be if the American President will issue an executive order approving the export of American natural gas to 20 countries in Europe.


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