Man divorces Britain’s wealthiest woman entrepreneur


Tony Hawken and his wife, who is now worth $1,2 billion according to Forbes, have moved from their semi-detached home they had in South Norwood to a home in Surrey.

 Both of them changed but Tony Hawken relates he just doesn’t like living a life of luxury. In an interview with the British Media, The Times, he had the following to say: “I think it made me uncomfortable because I’m not in the habit, I don’t like spending lots of money — I’ve been brought up that way… Until recently I was never a wealthy person. I’ve been moderately comfortable because I have been careful with my money.”

 Xiu Li’s business meant she spent more and more time apart from her husband not long before they got married. Tony Hawken thinks that in their case the distance did not make things worse in their relationship but rather kept them together. He got a settlement of $1,67 million which some might consider to be a small sum considering the fortune of the couple but Hawken thinks it’s more than enough for him. His only regret now is that he didn’t divorce Britain’s wealthiest woman entrepreneur sooner.


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