A tough road began in Ukraine


As usual, Russia has a different position. Its Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev expressed doubts regarding the legitimacy of the actual Ukraine’s authorities, saying that they obtained the power by an “armed mutiny.” This was the time for the American administration to warn Russia to keep its military forces out of Ukraine. National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice described the actual situation in Ukraine as “the will of the Ukrainian people.”
The interim government in Ukraine wants to achieve the Western integration but there are voices to sustain a pro Russia orientation.  A signal was already given by the European Union. EU Economics Commissioner Olli Rehn said: “We are at a historical juncture, and Europe needs to live up its historical moment and be able to provide Ukraine with accession prospects in the medium to low term – if it can meet the conditions of accession.”
Ukraine’s finance minister Yuri Kolotov expects to receive from Europe or the United States a help of $35 billion this year. Previously, the country has been brought to bankruptcy.


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