The violence escalated Tuesday in Kiev, people killed in the clashes


Up to nine protesters were reported dead Tuesday and more than 100 were seriously injured. A statement of the security services said: “Extremists are killing innocents on the streets of the capital, burning buildings and cars.” At the opposite side, the protesters said: “The violent clashes today have to date resulted in deaths by bullets and hundreds of injuries, including seven people in a critical position. Snipers posted on the roofs are targeting the heads and chests of protesters. Ambulance blocked by security forces are not able to provide first aid to the injured.”
Protesters reported that the police were using live ammunition. According to a late update from the  Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, three police officers have been killed in clashes in Kiev today and another 135 officers have been hospitalized, 35 of them in a critical condition.
Ukraine’s tv channel 5 is now broadcasting via YouTube.
Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko asked the protesters to defend the camp. “This is an island of freedom and we will defend it” he said


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