Dramatic aircraft accident in a humanitarian flight in Romania


The flight was conducted under difficult conditions, reduced visibility, but the risk was assumed because many critically ill patients needed urgent transplant operations . The pilot of the aircraft, Adrian Iovan, had over 16,000 flight hours, including on Boeing passenger . He kept contact with flight controllers and the last reported going to altitude of 2100 meters because visibility was very difficult . Approximately three hours after departure , while one of the doctors  on the plane was talking to a colleague in Bucharest, the plane made an emergency landing in a forest situated in a mountainous area, difficult to reach , at 1200 meters altitude . Those in the plane had four mobile phones, including a Smartphone, and communicated to be alive but were seriously injured . Authorities mobilized to rescue but were unable to determine the exact position of where the aircraft crashed. For this reason they used a primitive way of searching: a human chain of hundreds of walking people was formed around the place where it was assumed that there was the accident. The rescuers reached the scene of the accident after about eight hours, time spent by the injured victims in cold and dark. The pilot, who was incarcerated in the wreckage, died. Another victim was a woman, resident physician. The other five people were transported to the county hospital in Cluj-Napoca. They are in serious condition. They are known for their achievements in medical surgery and transplantation.

Update: The Romanian journalists accuse and investigate the incompetency of the authorities.


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