Release of an UK Airlines report reveals possible UFO story


According to the report that was released by the Civil Aviation Authority the UFO encounter was a near-miss. The pilot who saw a cigar-shaped metallic object later described it as resembling a rugby ball and being metallic in appearance. The captain that saw the object was checking the skies through the cockpit window when he saw it approaching the plane.

A collision seemed imminent and with little to no time to focus or react he did not have time to alert the first officer. According to the same report made public by the UK Airprox Board the captain's reaction was to duck to the right. The first officer did not see anything and nor did anyone from the air traffic control. Air authorities told the pilot that there was no flying object close to the plane. Everything was filed and forgotten and what the pilot saw was considered to most likely be only a mere reflection from an aircraft to the far west.


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