Paedophile ex-priest facing jail for possessing indecent images


A spokesman of the Church publicly announced the fact that the man was suspended from his church activities as soon as charges were brought against him. The man was the priest in charge of the Wirral parishes Seacombe and Poulton, Wallasey at St Paul's and St Luke's Church. Hughes appeared in court without his trademark dog collar and nose ring. He wore a tie and a dark suit. The evidence against him was overwhelming and the man couldn't do anything else but admit of being guilty of all 16 accusation counts brought against him. The child porn charges alone are something that would make anyone sick. The vicar who is now facing serious jail time pleaded guilty to the accusation of indecent images of children possession. Investigators found over 8000 such images in his home.

Ian Hughes was also found guilty of possessing a grossly disgusting porn image involving an animal. Judge David Aubrey who presided this case adjourned the sentencing until the end of January. He concluded the with a message for the former priest: "You will now be subject to the relevant requirements on the register. The court will consider all matters on that day and determine what is the appropriate .
All sentencing options will remain open to the court."


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