A suicide bombing occurred Sunday killing people on a Russian train station


It was the second attack in Volgograd after an explosion on a bus in October. Both suicidal terrorist acts were made by women. Those are generally referred in Russia as “black widows” because they are persons who want a sort of revenge after death of their family members in North Caucasus fighting. Dagestan, Chechnya and Adygea, parts of the North Caucasus, were engaged for two decades in armed conflicts generated by separatist aspirations aggravated by social and economic issues. Volgograd is the first major city north of the Caucasus and this is possible to be the primary motivation of those terrorist attacks.
Such attacks can generate a real problem for Russia as the organizer of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which open in February. It seems to be confirmed the supposition that the real threat to the Sochi Games is an Islamist terror attack. This will increase to an unexpected level the range of security measures. The Russian President had already affirmed that the Games would be “the safest Olympics ever.” The International Olympic Committee reacted after the attack expressing their trust in Russia’s security arrangements for the Olympic Games.


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