The creator of the “AK-47” weapon, Mikhail Kalasnikov, died at 94 years


“I designed the Kalasnikov for my motherland, for the glory of the soviet army” said the inventor in 2009, when it was celebrated on his anniversary. At the time, because like many other important human creations used from different perspectives, his weapon produced at the same time liberation of many people and criminal attacks, he added proving a disturbing mixture of the pride and the regret: “I am proud of my weapon but I am sad that terrorists use it”.
His creation must be considered however first from the perspective of the application of one creative genius idea. AK-47 (short for “Automat Kalasnikova 1947”) is a robust and effective weapon, with resisting parts, easily assembled even by a child.
The historians say that AK-47 changed combat forever. In Izhvesk, the Kalasnikov museum receives 10,000 visitors a month.



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