Gardner survives bicycle crash but dies of alcohol withdrawal after intensive care


He was hospitalized in south London, Tooting at St. George's Hospital. The 51 year old man had a drinking problem and was used to drink at least four cans of strong beer every day. In intensive care he was not allowed to drink and was treated for his injuries. The treatment worked and the man checked himself out because he was bored. Medics began to worry when the man became delirious. Even though he went through another medical investigation and treatment there was no hope left for him and Victor Pickston eventually died of a cardiac arrest.

The cause of his death was being investigated. Now, the verdict was finally recorded: the man had an accidental death. Coroner Karen Henderson explained during a hearing: 'It's clear there was a sudden, unpredictable cardiac arrest. We've heard a sudden cardiac arrest can occur because of withdrawal from alcohol. I find that was the case. Alcohol had played a significant part in Mr. Pickston's life and it caused the damage that ultimately made it unsurvivable from this really unfortunate fall.'


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