Teenager from Nottingham pays £450 for a photo of Xbox One


In the past there eBay saw couple of other similar cases in which the console packaging was being sold by someone using a deceiving description but this must be the first case in which a photo of a gaming console gets mistaken for a gaming console.

The person who listed the photo of the Xbox One in the "Video games and consoles" section is a reputable eBay member. He did not have any negative reviews until this date. While the product listing clearly specified in the title of the listing that the product being sold was a photo eBay staff concluded the used description was deceiving. This wasn't the typical eBay scam but the 19-year old student was disappointed to see he spent roughly $750 for a photo. Additionally Peter Clatworthy confessed this was supposed to be a gift for his four-year-old son.

It pays to read the fine print. Nevertheless, the man will eventually recover his money as he filed a dispute with the seller via PayPal(the chosen payment method).


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