Ban on same-sex marriages in Croatia put up for vote


The result of this vote could lead to Croatia changing its constitution to ban same sex marriages. Polls made before the referendum show that close to 60 percent of the people who will express their vote will say Yes while close to 30 percent will say No. 

A statistic made for the first few hours of the referendum indicates that 9.3 percent of all voters were present in the polling stations. People from Croatia are not really against gay people. As a matter of fact Croatia took many steps to improve gay rights but the topic of same-sex marriages remained a rather sensitive one. Catholic church leaders told the nation to vote Yes in the referendum as the Church is against this topic. As close to 90 percent of Croatians are Roman Catholics there are high chances that same-sex marriages will be officially banned after this referendum. 

In Croatia's capital Zagreb gay rights supporters held many protests labeling the referendum as an oppression against a minority.


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